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A Short History of Bitcoin Myths

Exposing the lies and returning to the Story, Design, Protocol and Vision of the Original Bitcoin


The very charlatans and scam artists that Satoshi Nakamoto’s project set out to expose have gained a hold of the brand name and steered the project in the opposite direction: towards anonymity and secrecy, getting rich without making any contribution, centralising and abusing power.

And we’re here to expose the lies and bust the myths that has become the Bitcoin story.

A Short History of Bitcoin Myths exposes the lies and takes you back to the Story, Design, Protocol and Vision of the Original Bitcoin:

  1. The shortcomings of the traditional financial systems that inspired Satoshi Nakamoto to create Bitcoin.
  2. The mechanics and architecture of blockchain technology, to unequivocally prove that there can only be one public blockchain.
  3. The Bitcoin myths, misunderstandings and manipulation that twisted this truth and put us on the precipice of destruction.
  4. The agendas and fraud that lie hidden behind sincere and honourable-sounding stories.
  5. An introduction to Bitcoin SV; the blockchain that is best suited to carry forward the Bitcoin Project’s mission to purify the financial system of its rot and set up a system that ensures that honest, hard-working folk can fairly profit from their creations.
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