What is Bitcoin?

A comprehensive introduction to Bitcoin. We unravel the world of Bitcoin - and reveal how it's set to disrupt finance as we know it!


Bitcoin is more than just a cryptocurrency. With negligible fees, no permission required to interact with the network, and no intermediaries due to its decentralisation, Bitcoin presents a radical change, an alternative to an economy that's owned and controlled by central parties.

Use it and reap the benefits, or don't. For the first time in modern history, the currency you interact with is your choice.

Featured in this ebook:

  1. Industry terms and terminology
  2. Why it's not just another currency, how it differs from the financial system we currently use, and why that system is flawed
  3. Why bitcoin is digital cash, how it addresses the pitfalls in the financial system we use today, and what this means to the future of finance
Welcome to the most exciting and revolutionary invention since the Internet!

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